In the mid 1930s a young man from Taishan, China emigrated to the United States. His name was Chin Siu Dek. He brought the foundational knowledge of hand to hand combat that he had learned in China. With ongoing dedicated learning and practice he honed his body and also developed his keen ability to understand and manipulate human psychology as it pertained to real fighting. His frequent street fighting experience served as both a testing ground for, and as proof of, his formidable, mechanically highly technical, and powerfully efficient fighting style.

Jimmy WuJimmy H. Woo (as he was known in the USA) first taught his fighting style at his “Cousin’s Club” in Los Angeles Chinatown.

In 1959, Jimmy opened his Studio in El Monte, where he taught his Kung Fu San Soo, and continued teaching until his passing on Valentine’s Day 1991.

Now, once again, Jimmy H. Woo’s Kung Fu San Soo is being taught in the American birthplace of this great science and art of Kung Fu.